Attack of the Unexpected Toothache!!

Attack of the Unexpected TOOTHACHE!!


We made it!! After a long winter (that some of us are still trying to forget about) we have finally made it to perfect weather, beaches, boardwalks and family vacations!!  Please don't let a toothache interfere with your fun.


If you have had a "little something" bothering you in your mouth for the last couple of weeks or even months, it could be the sign of an infection that has been "quiet."  These latent infections have the chance to become active and acute at any given moment.  They should be addressed BEFORE they become an emergency situation.  The same goes for the cavities the dentist may have told you about which seem to have slipped through the scheduling cracks.


If the unfortunate does happen, just know that Hamilton Family Dental is near by Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore in Mays Landing, NJ and our team always has open arms and big smiles for emergency patients.



With Murphy's Law always in full force, please contact us to make sure you have a safe, fun and toothache free summer!

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